Electric, Gas, Public Utility
cloud hosted scheduling &
crew Call Out systems
- made easy.

Crew Call-Out's
Automate your Crew Call-Outs with an intelligent, rules-based system.
Schedule your employees in one centralized location, for ease of use and redundancy reduction.
Secure & Reliable
Cloud hosted means 99.999% uptime, with no onsite hardware required.
Employee Access
Easy employee access with Web and Mobile app's.
Modern and Easy to Use

Designed from the ground up as a powerful, flexible and easy to use employee resource management solution, such daily headaches like complex scheduling and resource management can now quickly be solved with the CrewSense system. Filling open positions for outages and disasters is now a simple process that takes mere minutes. Alert all of your employees that match qualification – quickly – and watch in real time as your employees respond to the system. Turning a labor intensive task into a simple endeavor.
Emergency Call-Outs & resource
management done right

Schedule employees online, from anywhere, and say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets. Employees can view their work schedules from anywhere, submit availability and indicate their interest in open positions. Initiate call-outs and notify employee(s) instantly of response needs.