Pro Support
Speed adoption, deployments and ROI with expert help. All of the benefits of the Free
Plan plus live support, access to account managers and more.
Get enhanced support with live help.

From simple how-to questions to help with building custom applications, you get expert answers from our skilled support team.
Connect with experts, learn, and succeed.

Get the most out of CrewSense with a Pro Support Plan. Our customer success managers, programs, and communities provide you with best practices, adoption strategies, recommendations, and more.
Get fast, focused work sessions with CrewSense experts.

When you sign up for a Pro Plan, you get access to CrewSense Accelerators. Accelerators are scheduled, collaborative sessions that address a specific challenge, deliver a specific result, and help you get the most out of CrewSense.

Cost: $99 / mo
If you want additional administration support, check out the Enterprise Success Plan.

Manage administration tasks with Configuration Services. Upgrade to Enterprise and let CrewSense admins take time-consuming tasks off your plate.

Our team will handle necessary configuration needs so you can focus on Organizational priorities.

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