Accrual Processing, Leave requests, Sick calls & more.

Multiple options and rules for Vacation, Sick, Trade, Earned Time, Holiday scheduling.

Let the CrewSense system handle your employee time off requests, trades and vacation requests. Employees can log in from anywhere and see available days on the Time off Calendar and check their leave balances. Once a request is submitted, supervisors are instantly notified of and take appropriate action – approving or denying the request. Once the request is processed, the employee is notified instantly.

Eliminate paper trails and centralize your employee’s leave requests. When a new Time Off request is approved, the Crew Scheduler is automatically updated and staffing levels are adjusted. Quickly initiate a new CallBack to fill the void, or ‘drag and drop’ employees around to fill the void!

Time leave Accrual processing & Employee Accrual bank’s included