Cloud hosted Employee Scheduling & Overtime Management system for Law Enforcement

Every Police Department is unique and requires its own set of rules and procedures. The CrewSense system will accommodate any size Department. Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies. There is nothing else like it on the market.

Our proprietary cloud-hosted calling and page out system can fill opening’s fast; with zero human interaction required. Full telecommunication (Text, Phone Call, Mobile App and Alpha Paging) is built in and rules are followed correctly each and every time an overtime position is needed.

Now, Public Safety scheduling and resource management is made simple – and affordable – with just a few clicks of a button. No other system offers a customized solution for your Industry specific needs for such an affordable low cost and barrier to entry.

Nearly 10x more affordable than our nearest competitor, with a more modern and easy to use platform. CrewSense just ‘makes sense’.

Designed from the ground up as a powerful, flexible and easy to use employee resource management solution, such daily headaches like complex scheduling and resource management can now quickly be solved with the CrewSense system. Filling open positions for outages and disasters is now a simple process that takes mere minutes. Alert all of your employees that match qualification – quickly – and watch in real time as your employees respond to the system. Turning a labor intensive task into a simple endeavor.

Employee Resource Management done right

Schedule employees online, from anywhere, and say goodbye to time consuming spreadsheets. Employees can view their work schedules from anywhere, submit availability and indicate their interest in open positions. Initiate call-outs and notify employee(s) instantly of response needs.

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    Ease of Use

    Easily move employees from one assignment to another with drag and drop flexibility. Reschedule employees, ‘acting officers’, floaters and more all while maintaining complex staffing and union rules

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    Officer Scheduling

    (4) 12’s, 8’s, 2 on 3 off – most all rotations are already built into the system. And if not, we’ll add it!

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    Payroll / Time Tracking

    Establish work type time tracking, accrue hours based on pay periods, days, weeks or months. Deduct hours per your Organizational rules.

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    Overtime Hiring

    Easily hire-back Officers using an automated system. Your employees accept shifts via: Text Message, Phone Call, Mobile App, or Web app. Eliminate ‘TSS’ (time spent scheduling) by nearly 90%.

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    Staffing Rules

    Implement complex staffing rules; abide by union contracts or hiring policies. No other system offers the flexibility of CrewSense

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    Special Event Scheduling

    Fill open shifts for extra events or increased patrols; quickly, equitably and fairly – with CrewSense.

Finally, get back to leading your people where they need you most!