Bring your forms to the 'Cloud'.


A powerful integrated forms module allows your organization to create, manage, and organize custom forms – all in the cloud. Now you can easily create forms for your organization, and store them within the CallBack Staffing System.

Add Drop-downs, Check boxes, Text, Dates, Signature field and more! Once you’ve created a form in the system, it will be active and available for your employees to utilize. Submissions are saved securely and are easily accessible and printable, right from your browser. Run queries on submitted form data to quickly build killer end of year reports for training attendance, sick leave, exposures and more.

Forms can be stored, retrieved, printed and exported for easy data retrieval. Utilize the CrewSense forms public repository to view, clone and vote on the best forms created by CrewSense members. See one you like? Quickly clone that form into your local system and edit it to your liking!