Nurse, CNA, MD & EMS scheduling
and Workforce Management

Crew CallBack's
Automate your Crew CallBack's with an intelligent, rules-based system.
Schedule your employees in one centralized location, for ease of use and redundancy reduction.
Secure & Reliable
Cloud hosted means 99.999% uptime, with no onsite hardware required.
Employee Access
Easy employee access with Web and Mobile app's.
Clinical Scheduling done right

Creating, maintaining and managing Clinical shift rosters and staff schedules just got a whole lot easier. Hospitals, Nursing homes, assisted living centers and senior living facilities count on reliable and accurate employee schedule and resourcing. CrewSense helps you notify qualified staff of open shifts and quickly fill available shifts easily. CrewSense is easier and more accurate than any spreadsheet or paper based method out there.

No other system out there offers a customized solution for your agencies specific, and possibly, daunting – scheduling needs. Designed from the ground up as a powerful, flexible and easy to use employee resource management solution, such daily headaches as complex clinical scheduling rotations can be quickly added to the system.

Built into the system is a slew of features including: shift trades, vacation planning, leave management, overtime tracking, overtime ‘Callback’ shift automation and more. CrewSense online scheduling and resource management systems are available online, all the time. Throw away those outdated spreadsheets and paper based scheduling system and introduce CrewSense to your Organization today.
Schedule RN’s, CNA’s, MD’s, RT and more all online, from anywhere!

- (4) 12’s, 8’s, 2 on 3 off – most all scheduling rotations are already built into the system. And if not, we’ll add it!
- Easily move employees from one assignment to another with drag and drop flexibility. Reschedule employees, assign on-call positions and more all while maintaining complex staffing and union rules
- Fill open shifts quickly, equitably and fairly using our CallBack feature.

Quicky and efficiently notify employees of ‘mission critical’ information. Send text messages, phone calls, alpha page, email or mobile app ‘push’ notifications instantly using a ReadyAlert…and view their responses in real time.
Send alerts to your entire staff, or only certain groups or members. Notify your TRAUMA team immediately, or send a message to your Registered Nurses…all directly from within the system.
Logs & Detailed record keeping
ensure grievances are kept
to a minimum

Detailed record logs are kept for every ‘CallBack’, allowing employees to quickly see their rankings, responses, notification methods, etc! Employee start and end positions are also shown, allowing employees to quickly determine why they were or werent offered extra work shifts.

A Transparent checks and balance system allows both employees and managers to view previous CallBack™ opportunities; listing important factors such as: Employees contacted, their responses, contact methods, starting ‘rank’, ending ‘rank’ and more! Detailed logs are kept for every ‘CallBack’, allowing employees to quickly see their rankings and where they ‘sit’ in the system.

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