Eliminate grievances with rules-based Overtime & Crew Call-outs.

Save manager time and ensure fairness and equitability with your overtime distribution.
The stand-alone ‘CallBack’ module works alongside, or independent of the CrewSense intelligence feature; giving you total control of your overtime hiring needs. Filling open shifts or performing crew call-outs is now a simple task.

Employees establish their preferred notification preference for open shifts; either text (SMS) Message, Alpha-Page, Phone Calls or mobile App ‘push notifications’ and are alerted of overtime shifts in real time.

Determine tie-breaker rules, place employees in multiple rotating lists, and more. The rules and configurations are endless.

Eliminate the tedious task of scheduling and notifying employees of open work shifts.

Employees will no longer complain they “never received a call” or aren’t being treated fairly for extra shifts!

Detailed record logs are kept for every ‘CallBack’, allowing employees to quickly see their rankings, responses, notification methods, etc!  Employee start and end positions are also shown, allowing employees to quickly determine why they were or werent offered extra work shifts.

A Transparent checks and balance system allows both employees and managers to view previous CallBack™ opportunities; listing important factors such as: Employees contacted, their responses, contact methods, starting ‘rank’, ending ‘rank’ and more! Detailed logs are kept for every ‘CallBack’, allowing employees to quickly see their rankings and where they ‘sit’ in the system.

A completely open and fair system – even for organizations that use complex rules systems, such as ranking employees by total hours, or least amount of overtime opportunities, etc. Your organization’s custom rules & policies are implemented ensuring overtime shifts are filled exactly they way they are supposed to!

Find a discrepancy? No problem. Admin level users can easily drag and drop employees to re-order lists…all while maintaining a logging system for future reference.