The Leading Rules-Based
employee scheduling & resource management platform
for mission critical industries.
Manage your operations, not spreadsheets
Powerful modules for scheduling, resourcing and managing mission critical operations.
Easier and more accurate than any spreadsheet or paper based method.

Now, scheduling and resource management is made simple with just a few clicks of a button. CrewSense offers a customized solution for your industries specific - and often daunting – needs.
Eliminate grievances with rules-based Overtime distribution & Crew Call-outs.

Save manager time and ensure fairness and equitability with your overtime distribution.

The stand-alone ‘CallBack’ module works alongside, or independent of the CrewSense intelligence feature; giving you total control of your overtime hiring needs. Filling open shifts or performing crew call-outs is now a simple task using our built in (SMS) Messaging, Alpha-Page, Phone Calling or mobile App ‘push notifications’.
An Intelligent rules-based scheduling algorithm, that works.

You can run the Intelligence feature at anytime from within the CrewScheduler, or have it set to manually analyze next weeks schedule, well in advance. The possibilities are endless.

Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies – moving qualified employees automatically to fill voids, or performing a ‘CallBack’ to fill the open position.
Integrated cloud telecommunications

CrewSense's cloud telecommunication infrastructure allows calls to anyone on a traditional mobile or landline, with no onsite hardware or PBX box sitting in your server room. In addition, CrewSense supports integrated SMS text messaging and mobile app alerts as well. Notify your employees each and every-time, on their preferred device with no local integrations required.

Local phone numbers, concurrent calling, reliable cloud telecommunications - all from CrewSense
Bring your forms to the 'Cloud'

A powerful integrated forms module allows your organization to create, manage, and organize custom forms – all in the cloud. Now you can easily create forms for your organization, and store them within the CallBack Staffing System.

Forms can be stored, retrieved, printed and exported for easy data retrieval. Utilize the CrewSense forms public repository to view, clone and vote on the best forms created by CrewSense members. See one you like? Quickly clone that form into your local system and edit it to your liking!
Accruals processing, leave requests, sick calls & more.

Eliminate paper trails and centralize your employee’s leave requests. When a new Time Off request is approved, the Crew Scheduler is automatically updated and staffing levels are adjusted. Manually adjust for the vacancy, or use our Intelligence module to automatically fill the void or perform hire-backs following your rules.
Centralize your work & Personal Calendars

Tired of keeping multiple work / personal / etc calendars? That’s no longer needed, with CrewSense's integrated Day Planner.

Shifts, Trades, Time Offs, Events, and Personal entries will now sync from your CrewSense Day Planner into your Google iCal Calendar. Track things like ‘Kids Birthdays’, ‘Pay Days’, and more within CrewSense.
Real-time two way employee communications with ReadyAlert™

Our highly advanced cloud based telecommunication platform allows you to easily broadcast messages in seconds - and receive responses directly within the CrewSense platform. Text Messaging, Phone calls, mobile app ‘Push Notifications’, Alpha Page or Email…all built into the CrewSense system. Group employees by specialty classifications or position, and send alerts fast.
Automated Absence 'Call-ins'

The CrewSense Absence module allows your employees to alert your Organization of an unscheduled absence. Using either the mobile app, or a automated phone system, employees can call in and report their absence. Once received, the absences will be displayed in real time in the dashboard - and effected schedules will be modified.

Easily set rules for buffer times, allowed # of absences each day, and more.
Time & Attendance designed for your industry

Complex shifts require complex Time & Attendance models. This is not easy (or user friendly) in most payroll & scheduling systems. In CrewSense, it is. Easily create, track and edit employee scheduled hours to reflect the true time and work-code. Multiple options exists for customization Time Off / Work Types and Sub-classes, allowing tracking and recording employee movements with ease.

Easily export payroll data via multiple format options, including .csv, .xls, .pdf and payroll summary reports. Manually export data or setup 'jobs' to auto send generated reports to an FTP or DropBox location. Payroll data is also available via our full RESTful API via a simple endpoint, allowing third party payroll vendors easy access to your scheduling and time & attendance data.
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