Workforce management platform for mission critical industries

Modules for 24/7 mission critical workplaces, including Public Safety, Utilities and Manufacturing.

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Automate overtime processes with the CallBack module

Automate your complex labor / bargaining agreements for overtime easily with CrewSense. Implement complex rules and workflows, then watch the system follow those rules each and every time and open shift occurs.
Accruals processing, leave requests, sick calls & more.

Eliminate paper trails and centralize your employee’s leave requests. Track accrual balances, deduct usage and perform annual vacation bidding with ease.
Real-time two way employee communications with the Alerts Module

Our advanced cloud telecommunication platform allows you to easily broadcast messages in seconds - and receive responses directly within the CrewSense platform. Text Messaging, Phone calls, mobile app ‘Push Notifications’, Alpha Page or Email…all built into the CrewSense system.
Automate employee Absence 'Call-ins'

Track employee absences and call-offs automatically using our platform. Using either the mobile app or our automated phone system, employees can call in and report their absence. Once received, the absences will be displayed in real time in the dashboard - and effected schedules will be modified.
Vacation Bidding using integrated 'auctions' module.

Days spent making sure that vacation picks are done correctly are now a thing of the past. Just configure some simple rules and let the platform do the work for you.
Mobile apps for constant connectivity

iPhone and Android apps allow you and your employees to have 24/7 connectivity to your Organization operations. Employees can check their schedules, respond to overtime and alerts, submit leave requests, check balances, and more - right from the palm of their hand.
An Intelligent rules-based scheduling algorithm, that works.

Implement rules based scheduling using qualifiers and minimum staffing levels, and watch in real time as the system analyzes the daily schedule for any deficiencies – moving qualified employees automatically to fill voids, or performing a ‘CallBack’ to fill the open position.
...and many more modules:
Time & Attendance
Certifications Tracking
Shift Trades
Force Hiring / Mandates
Form's Builder
Cloud File Storage
Reporting / Analytics
Custom Calendars
Google Calendar Sync
Roster Sharing
Account Switching
Strike Team Deployments
Staffing Templates
Full API
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